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Large-Scale Damage Restoration Service

When a disaster affects a business or public institution, every minute counts. Our Rapid Response Team is ready to mobilize at any hour of the day or night. They will provide emergency commercial restoration services, mitigate the loss, and get the facilities back up and running.

Signal Restoration Services provides restoration services to hospitality facilities


Signal provides restoration services to hospitality facilities following a disaster of any magnitude. In 2017, Signal was called to help restore a luxury Resort in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was heavily affected by Hurricane Maria. There were many challenges to our restoration efforts, but Signal successfully dried the extensive premises.

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Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities


With proven experience, Signal’s Rapid Response Team delivers exceptional results by getting hospital system facilities operational in record time. Signal will work with closely to rebuild and restore your healthcare facility to its pre-loss state, no matter the size.

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Multi-Family Apartment Complex


When it comes to fire and water damage restoration in an apartment complex, time is of the essence. Signal quickly mobilizes its Rapid Response Team to stabilize the site and then begins the restoration of the affected units. They also handle the demolition and reconstruction of the areas that are too damaged to be restored.

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Educational Institutions


Signal Restoration professionals have extensive experience in handling catastrophic water or fire damage events in educational institutions. Signal provides timely water extraction and fire and smoke cleanup services, as well as the necessary reconstruction of school facilities. This assures that classes can resume as quickly as possible.

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retail restoration


Major corporations and local retailers alike partner with Signal to ensure their recovery will begin immediately when disaster strikes. Retail businesses with large inventories can present specific challenges. Getting stores ready to re-open for business is a specialty for Signal.

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Industrial Facilities


Property damage in industrial facilities calls for quick action, as damage can become worse with every passing minute. Signal Restoration can provide a complete restoration solution, from inventory and assessment to containment, restoration, and reconstruction.

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Risk Management

Insurance Professionals

When a client’s property suffers a catastrophe, such as a fire or flood, they expect an immediate response to their disaster. For insurance professionals, having the right disaster restoration contractor on call is critical. However, having a contractor with an unrivaled range of resources, industry knowledge, and over 45 years of experience, is smart.

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Insurance Professionals

Risk Managers

As a risk manager, you oversee the financial, safety and security risks for your company or organization. You also find ways to reduce those risks through problem-solving and pre-planning. Reducing risks upfront means less down-time, and less revenue lost, later.

At Signal Restoration, we offer risk managers a solid plan to help their organizations recover from disasters, such as fire or flooding. We call it the Signal On Call priority response program.

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Emergency Board-Up and Roof Wrap

Property Managers

Property managers know that when a property suffers a catastrophe such as a fire or flood, tenants expect an immediate response to their emergency.

Having the right disaster restoration contractor is critical. But having a contractor with an unrivaled range of resources, industry knowledge, and over 45 years of experience is priceless.

At Signal Restoration, we welcome the opportunity to provide a superior level of service to your property. We also strive to exceed your tenants’ expectations of service with cost-effective solutions.

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Government & Municipality

Government & Municipalities

Federal, state, and local governments partner with Signal to ensure their locations are prioritized when damage occurs.

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Disruption to a businesses’ supply chain can have a domino effect on related products and the markets they service. We understand that. So, you can count on Signal’s certified and experienced disaster recovery professionals to handle all the details. Those include initial project assessment and planning, catastrophe management, restoration, and reconstruction.

I don’t know what our School system would have done without the aid of Signal Restoration… The folks at Signal are quick to respond and very effective at what they do. Whether it’s initial damage control or remediation & preventative measure, these group of professionals bring their A game.

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- Steven D. Burgess, Esq.,
Director, Ypsilanti Community Schools