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Roger S. Penske, Chairman, Penske Corporation

To Whom It May Concern:
In late January 2019, Penske Corporation’s headquarters in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan experienced a water main break which caused extensive damage on the second and third floors of the building. The break occurred at 3:00am on a Monday, the local fire department was on site at 3:12am, and our facilities director called Frank Torre at home at 3:20am. Frank immediately mobilized his operation, and the first team from Signal Restoration Services arrived at 5:00am and began a fast, professional and thoroughly impressive restoration of our facility.

In addition to going beyond the basics to ensure the full mitigation of any potential ongoing hazards associated with water damage of this type, the Signal Restoration team was communicative and professional while they completed their work, during which time our organization continued full and virtually uninterrupted operations. Within four days, our associates affected by the damage began returning to their restored offices and workstations.

We had always thought highly of Frank Torre’s operations, but this experience of responsiveness, thoroughness and professionalism deserves to be specifically noted. Signal Restoration Services has our sincerest thanks for a job completed far beyond expectations.

Roger S. Penske, Chairman, Penske Corporation