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Executive General Adjuster, McLarens

It is with pleasure to write you providing the positive experiences I have enjoyed with Signal Restoration through the years. Whether it be a manufacturing plant which experienced a fire on a Friday night (worked with Louis Harrigan the entire weekend, day and night) to ensure the 140,000 square foot plant was up and operational the following Friday, to multiple story hotels (working to keep them operating and returning guest rooms expeditiously) to a simpler claim such as vehicles striking the very corner of a building, all have gone smooth and efficiently.

Unlike many of your competitors, we have always been able to get solid agreements up-front on both the scope of loss and more importantly overall pricing. These agreements keep transparency in the relationship and expectations real, concise and accurate. No one likes surprises at the end of a job, especially change orders for either scope/pricing.

Lastly, perhaps the strength of Signal, is the transparent and timely communication. With most clams, the scope of loss is identifiable from the start, but some simply are not, such as the Hotel claim mentioned above.  Communication to all parties involved, not only the Insured but the Adjuster and all involved consultants’, limits misunderstandings during and at the end of the claim. No one enjoys battling over unknown issues, and your team performs exceptionally well at minimizing issues via timely and consistent communications.

Executive General Adjuster, McLarens