A pipe main burst into the basement of this large university 9 story building where over 8 feet of water flooded.  
The water was a category 3 (biohazard) also contaminated by the fluids for the elevator pit.  It significantly impacted:  fine art storage, 3 computer labs, large mechanical works, electrical mains, paper making studios, nearly a hundred thousand books, antique books, archives, classrooms, several fine art libraries, elevators and their university art vault.
The value of the art work, university archives, computer information (server drives) and rare books made this a very high risk loss requiring (the very special handling of damaged articles, its transportation, treatment, storage) the upmost expertise and execution.
Signal managed the entire staged recovery efforts, assembled industry specialists, scheduling and equipment to restore all affected areas:  dewatering, humidification control, environmental desiccant drying, ACM testing and removal, photo documenting, content inventory, heavy structure cleaning, fine art restoration, textile restoration, paper – book restoration, freeze drying, computer equipment restoration, non-salvable inventory and removal, valuation appraisals, demolition, mechanical room restoration, duct cleaning, large electrical panel repairs, elevator repairs, flooring repairs and reconstruction of the entire basement facility.  The project met its tight timeline because of the need for this critical facility.

The scope of the recovery work included:

  • Dewatering 7humidification control
  • Environmental desiccant drying
  • ACM testing and removal
  • Photo-documenting & content inventory
  • Heavy structure cleaning, fine art restoration
  • Book restoration & freeze-drying, computer equipment restoration
  • Non-salvable inventory and removal
  • Valuation appraisals & demolition
  • Mechanical room restoration
  • Duct cleaning & large electrical panel repairs
  • Elevator repairs & flooring repairs
  • Reconstruction of the entire basement facility