Case Studies


University of the Arts, Anderson Hall


In 2017, a pipe main burst in the basement of the University of the Arts basement. More than eight feet of water flooded the nine-story historic building. The water was considered a category 3 biohazard and was contaminated by the fluids from the elevator pit.

The fine art storage, three computer labs, large mechanical works, electrical mains, paper-making studios, nearly 100,000 books, antique books, archives, classrooms, several fine arts libraries, elevators, and the university art vault were impacted by the rising waters.

With high-value artwork, university archives, server drives, and rare books under water, the project was a very high-risk loss. As a result, it required incredible expertise and execution to handle damaged articles, their transportation, treatment, and storage. Our team fully restored the damaged space in the estimated timeframe for the university to safely use for their needs.


  • Dewatering and humidification control 

  • Environmental desiccant drying 

  • ACM testing and removal 

  • Photo-documenting and content inventory 

  • Heavy structure cleaning, fine art restoration 

  • Book restoration and freeze-drying, computer equipment restoration 

  • Non-salvable inventory and removal 

  • Valuation appraisals and demolition 

  • Mechanical room restoration 

  • Duct cleaning & large electrical panel repairs 

  • Elevator and flooring repairs 

  • Reconstruction of the entire basement facility