Hurricane Maria caused significant damage to the Mall of San Juan, closing the mall for an extended period of time.  Signal was contacted to work for multiple clients and retail locations within the mall.

For one client, Signal completed work on 3 store fronts, each having sustained damage water damage as water had  entered the building envelope.  Subsequent to the water intrusion, microbial growth began appearing on store fixtures, such as shelving, display systems, wooden hangers, and cabinets.  Signal performed a microbial cleaning of the storage space of the store and constructed cleaning chambers.  The fixture items were collected and cleaned in the cleaning chambers, then taken offsite for storage.  Once the construction contractor had renovated the store, Signal returned the fixtures and assisted store personnel in setting all of the fixtures in their proper place.

Another client had a store front in the same location but it required assistance with microbial growth that appeared on inventory items.  The entire inventory of the store had to be discarded, pursuant to the directives of an Industrial Hygienist.  Due to the retailers brand protection policies, the inventory had to be destroyed before it was discarded as general debris.  Signal catalogued the inventory, removed it from the store, then physically destroyed and rendered items unrecognizable, and finally disposed of the inventory in the proper containers.

The scope of the recovery work included:

  • Microbial Cleaning Water Extraction & Mitigation Dehumidification
  • Cataloged all destroyed inventory
  • Debris removal
  • Biohazard clean up
  • Inventory disposal
  • 4 store fronts renovated from water damage $300,000 in total work completed