This luxury Resort, one of the world’s foremost recognized brands, was heavily impacted by Hurricane Maria. Signal quickly met with hotel management, mobilized, and began large loss mitigation procedures soon after the event.

Unreliable electricity (requiring large generators), communication, and a severely damaged city infrastructure were additional challenges to the restoration efforts. Signal also utilized many local subcontractors and brought valuable equipment and chemicals to the Island from the mainland. The property is situated on its own 17-acre peninsula. It hosts 9 restaurants and bars, a conference center, 24 conference rooms, and 365 guest rooms.

Safety in all operations are key. Signal engaged their National Safety Director and a third-party safety expert to guarantee the most stringent operations on the Island.

Once mitigation was complete, Signal finished the reconstruction, restoring the property to original pre-loss condition, and completing owner-funded upgrades.

Each phase of the restoration work was done in concert with hotel management. Safety was paramount for hotel guests, employees and workers. One of Signal’s EVPs made San Juan his temporary home. He personally supervised the entire project from start to finish, for almost 2 years from the date of loss.

Also, one of Signal’s principal owners committed more than six months to the project. He personally managed the relationships between hotel ownership, hotel operations, and the claims team.

The scope of the recovery work included:

  • $130,000,00 in total work
  • Property work was over 17-acres, 9 restaurants, 365 guest rooms and a conference room
  • Performed site stabilization, temporary repairs (plumbing & electrical), and air filtration
  • Mitigation included encapsulation, negative air pressure, moisture analysis & mapping
  • Safe biocide mass application and demolition, removal, & disposal of all impacted building material
  • Each phase of our restoration work was done in concert with hotel management with safety being paramount for hotel guest, employees and workers
  • One of Signals Executive Vice President’s made San Juan his temporary home as he personally supervised the entire project from start to finish, almost 2 years from the date of loss
  • One of the largest luxury restoration projects completed in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria