Case Studies


Assisted Living Facility


Following the March 2018 Nor’easter, a major assisted living company in Boston hired Signal to dry and repair their facility. Following the storm, it continued to rain every day for several weeks. The Industrial Hygienist identified approximately 50 rooms that needed drying and a relatively small amount of mold removed. The drying and mold remediation was completed on time and the Industrial Hygienist was called back to test for clearance, as standard procedure. Much to the surprise of the entire Team, for the first time in Signal history, the project did not get clearance, as was expected. Additionally, the Industrial Hygienist found an additional 200+ rooms with water intrusion, as well as multiple hallways and common areas.

After some investigation, it was found that the skin of the building was leaking in numerous areas.

Following the bidding process, which took some time, Signal was selected to repair the areas of the building envelope that were allowing water. As the Team worked on repairing the skin with the impending deadline of the upcoming winter, which would make the work all but impossible with winter temperatures and moisture, the project was continually delayed by rainstorm after rainstorm.


  • Extracted water throughout multiple facilities
  • Removed and inventoried all affected materials
  • Provided auxiliary power to maintain facility operations
  • Provided temporary HVAC and heat due to the facility boiler malfunction
  • Treated and restored all affected materials
  • Reconstructed all affected classrooms and rebuilt all administrative spaces