The Problem: Fire and Water Damage

A 500,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility sustained heavy fire, smoke, soot and water damage following an explosion at its main production facility. The damages to the facility and manufacturing equipment were in excess of $8 million.
The blast caused severe fire damage to the plant’s production facility, affecting the main production lines and sub-assembly. The fire ignited combustible materials causing additional damage to the plant’s operational equipment, covering a large portion of the facility with soot.
The fire suppression initiatives caused further water damage to the interior and the exterior of the facility.

Fire damage, at any scale, calls for quick action, as damages can become worse with every passing minute. Signal Restoration provided all the necessary services to provide a complete solution, from inventory and assessment, to containment, restoration and reconstruction.

Proven Experience and Powerful Results

Signal Restoration professionals performed the fire damage restoration, water damage restoration, and reconstruction of the property after isolating the damaged areas from functional work areas. This assured that the manufacturing facility could remain at least partially functional, to continue to meet its obligations to their clients during the restoration process.
With every completed project, time and again, Signal’s Rapid Response Team exceeds client expectations and delivers exceptional results. When our work was done, the manufacturer’s facilities became fully operational in record time.
From working with your insurance company to accelerate your claim, to delivering the highest quality professionals and processes to optimize your property, Signal will work with you every step of the way to rebuild and restore your property to its pre-loss state, no matter how large or how small and no matter of the size of the damage.

The scope of the recovery work included:

  • Cleaned, serviced, and replaced damaged production line components and equipment.
  • Removed all impacted materials.
  • Provided dehumidification services.
  • Isolated fire damaged areas in order to reduce plant downtime.
  • Erected containment walls to isolate fire damaged areas from work areas.
  • Initiated containment measures so that production can continue during the restoration process.
  • Cleaned, restored and reconstructed the damaged areas of the plant interior.
  • Complete restoration and reconstruction of the affected area of the plant exterior.
  • Rebuilt an entire production line to OEM specifications.