An area of ​​over 500,000 sq. ft. has been cleaned. $5,000,000

The Problem: Catastrophic Water Damage

Frozen pipes burst under pressure and flooded a school district. The flooding crumbled multiple facilities within the district, including a high school, an elementary school, and a technology center, all of which sustained catastrophic water damage as well as damages to the infrastructure.
The flooding further overwhelmed the facility boiler, a malfunction that severely obstructed the HVAC systems, requiring auxiliary ventilation and heat.
In total, a combined area of over 500,000 sq. ft. was affected. A 265,000 sq. ft. High School, a 164,000 sq. ft. Elementary School, and a Technology Center measuring over 96,000 sq. ft. were impacted by the catastrophe, including classrooms and administrative spaces.

The Solution: Signal Restoration

Signal Restoration provided emergency services that were essential to stabilizing the site.

  • Extracted water throughout multiple facilities.
  • Removed and inventoried all affected materials.
  • Provided auxiliary power to maintain facility operations.
  • Provided temporary HVAC and heat due to the facility boiler malfunction.
  • Treated and restored all affected materials.
  • Reconstructed all affected classrooms and rebuilt all administrative spaces.

Operational in Record Time

Signal Restoration professionals have extensive experience in handling catastrophic water damage events. They completed the water extraction and dehumidification services, as well as the necessary reconstruction of the school facility in record time, to assure that classes can resume as quickly as possible.

Proven by experience and by powerful results, Signal’s Rapid Response Team exceeded our client’s expectations and delivered exceptional results by getting the facilities operational in record time.

From working with the insurance company to accelerate the claim, to delivering the highest quality services to optimize the property, Signal will work with you every step of the way to rebuild and restore your property to its pre-loss condition, no matter the size.

Livonia catastrophic water damage to school district
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Work Completed
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After meeting with several reputable firms, we chose Signal Restoration to perform the work. Signal completed the project not only within budget but ahead of schedule. Any changes that were requested were done immediately and without hesitation. I would recommend Signal restoration for any size remediation or mitigation project based on my experience with them.

- Joseph L. Flannigan,
Director of Engineering, 9/11 Memorial & Museum