When Disaster Strikes, We Get You Back Home

When an emergency strikes, timing is everything. Signal’s Rapid Response Team is always ready. Whether you need clean-up services after a flood, board-up after a fire, or a complete home restoration, our professionals are prepared to make your house feeling like home again. Signal specializes in residential restoration services for all types of disasters, including fire damage, water damage, wind damage, mold, and storm damage.

Below is a list of residential restoration services we provide to homeowners in need:

Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage

Water can severely damage a home and, furthermore, if not addressed promptly and properly, it can lead to mold problems, threatening the health of the family. At Signal Restoration, our technicians have the necessary training and experience to identify the source of the water and then remove it from the home. When it comes to water damage, timing is everything. Don’t delay, get our professionals on the job immediately.

Fire and Smoke Damage

Smoke and fire damage can create significant issues in a home. Our professionals will examine surfaces, building materials and contents to identify damage and create an effective restoration plan. Read more about our fire, smoke and odor removal services.

Emergency Board Up and Roof Wrap

Emergency Board-Up and Roof Wrap

After a home fire, our team is always ready to respond quickly. While on-site, they will board up the walls, windows, doors, and other surfaces to prevent the home from suffering even worse damage. It is crucial that trained, organized, and seasoned technicians quickly arrive at the location and board up or roof wrap the home. By safeguarding the property to stay intact, more elements of the home can be salvaged.

Mold Mitigation and Remediation

Mold Mitigation and Remediation

Mold can present serious health risks to humans and animals. At Signal, our mold remediation experts will identify and remove all types of mold from any home.

Asbestos and Lead Abatement

Constructions from the 1940s - 1980s used asbestos products and lead-based paint extensively. When left undisturbed, both lead and asbestos are generally not harmful. However, when agitated, the resulting particles can be inhaled and are extremely harmful to the human body. Signal’s asbestos and lead abatement procedures do not only properly remove these hazardous materials, but also contains any harmful airborne particles resulted from the removal process.

Storm Response

The raw and unpredictable power of nature can change your life in an instant. At Signal, our Rapid Response Team will provide immediate assistance in securing your home or business from the elements and from unwanted intruders.


For over 40 years, Signal Restoration has preformed property restoration and reconstruction services as a trusted licensed contractor. As the rebuilding process begins, our professionals manage every step of the reconstruction process, from initial assessment and site stabilization, straight through project completion.

Inventory Service

Our experienced team members can conduct a detailed, room-by-room inventory of your belongings that contains accurate values for insurance purposes.

Contents Restoration

Our professional restoration team members have extensive experience in returning the contents of a home to their pre-loss condition. Often times, using our state-of-the-art cleaning and restoration techniques, they bring back even items that appear severely damaged.

Contents Moving & Storage

Contents Moving & Storage

In the event that a home requires extensive work, Signal professionals can catalog, pack and relocate the contents of the home to a secure, climate controlled, storage location. Consequently, this allows the cleanup and restoration process to proceed quicker and more efficiently.


Signal Restoration professionals are experts at identifying and eliminating offensive odors from any home. After a disaster, simply masking serious odors is often not enough. Therefore, we locate the source of the odor and remove it completely.

Drapes and Blinds Cleaning

Drapes and Blinds Cleaning

Successfully cleaning fabrics can be extremely difficult. Hence, our cleaning technicians use the most advanced cleaning techniques combined with state-of-the-art equipment to produce the best results.

Duct Cleaning

Air ducts can often be the source of odors, dust and other undesirable particles circulating through a home. Signal’s ventilation experts can investigate the situation and offer a quick solution.

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