Signal Restoration has the best reconstruction estimators in the industry.

Detailed Estimating / Bidding

Detailed Estimating
Signal Restoration seeks opportunities of new projects by submitting construction estimates with the lowest possible bid to the project owners. We also contract with architects to submit an estimate and bid for construction projects. Our estimates are based on a design blue-print, cost of materials, labor, and a comprehensive cost of our restoration construction services. We stay as close to the estimates given as possible. Some companies may offer the lowest bid, but increase their project cost drastically during the process. Signal Restoration is a reputable company based on tenets of integrity, efficiency and high caliber workmanship.

Our bid estimates include plans and specifications to the project, the most current designs as possible, any addenda that have been issued, our price and complete scope of work. We will also factor in any special fees, such as permits, bonds, insurance premiums, etc.

Signal Restoration will provide accurate bids that are specific and include all aspects of bidding requirements.

Rebuilding & Repairing all Types of Properties

Before you decide to rebuild or repair your property, make sure to read your insurance policy and talk to your insurer. Talk to your affected neighbors, understand the title ownership structure (for multi-unit properties), and seek legal advice if you do not know your rights and obligations.

The rebuilding process for properties is outlined below:

  • We inspect the property and document a complete scope of repairs
  • Then, we meet with the property owner and insurance adjuster on-site.
  • We discuss how and why repairs will be performed.
  • We work with your insurance provider to get an agreement on the cost of rebuild and repairs.
  • You then need to hire one or more contractors. Our project will include all details and the start and completion date.
  • We will help you with the paperwork and the permits – for insurance companies, mortgage companies and the Building Department.
  • You approve the product selection and specifications – this includes finishes, flooring, fixtures, and all other details.
  • Your insurance company will pay for restoration construction services up until the completion date. Afterwards, you are responsible for the payments. Make sure to keep your contractor on schedule so that it doesn’t come out of your budget.

Consulting for All Types of Losses

Consulting for All Types of Losses
Our Property Loss Consulting service helps insurance companies to determine risks, damages and claims before and after the environmental catastrophe.

Pre-Loss Services

  • We analyze and project the possible risks to buildings and structures so that building owners can better prepare for natural and man-made disasters.
  • We assist property owners, risk managers, and insurers to assess multi-hazard risks, mitigation options, the cost and benefit analysis and oversee the execution of mitigation strategies.
  • Our risk assessment by engineer-based data allows clients to make a more informed decision about where to allocate their funds based on risks, and to mitigate damages by retrofits or upgrades.

Post-Loss Services

  • After an environmental catastrophe, our engineering experts will evaluate the damage to buildings or structures and take steps to remediate the situation. We provide technically informed solutions for claims.
  • Our building code specialists will evaluate building code compliance and investigate structural design or other contributory factors.
  • Our team of experts will perform a thorough investigation to identify the cause of the damage, and we will assist you with providing conclusive reports, litigation support, and expert witness testimony.
  • Our damage investigation team will document, analyze, define all aspects of property damage covered by insurance carriers, and make recommendations to repair or replace items.
  • During the claims adjustment process, our expert knowledge on the changing building codes, which need to factor in new building safety measures such as being earthquake-proof, and other developments such as sustainable energy in some cases, will better assess a more accurate figure of the cost of damages for replacement and repairs.



Commercial Claims

Commercial Claims
Signal Restoration works with insurance adjusters who file claims for the insurers or the insured to properly handle the cost of the damage, the amount the insurer should pay for the insured, and other analyses to be documented. We in turn provide necessary restoration and clean-up services to restore the property to its original condition. Our collaboration with many independent claim adjusters and insurance companies allow for speedier and more accurate claims. We handle all the technical aspects of your claim.

Signal Restoration will seek the maximum settlement for your damages. We understand that, when your commercial property suffers a loss, it is often difficult to get your business up and running again. We will recommend resuming total or partial business operations. The loss of business opportunity, the damage to inventory, machinery, equipment, furniture, the cost of improvements, business interruption losses, estimate of damages, your policy coverage and other items will be assessed in the claim.

Trust Signal to provide restoration construction services of the highest quality.

Deck Replacement & Waterproofing Specialists

Deck Replacement
Since your deck suffers much wear and tear, and if an environmental catastrophe hits your home, we will often recommend the replacement of decks. We also provide preventative measures to maintain your deck in case of water damage. Our waterproofing specialists know how to safeguard decks so that it will resist water intrusion.

If left untreated, water leaks can cause serious damage to your property. For instance, the damage can lead to the spread of mold, as well as to more expensive repairs to the interior of your property and to the deck.

It is essential that the foundations are correctly fitted for deck replacement. If there is a poorly graded or sloping landscape around the property, with a poorly functioning ground level drainage system, or an inadequate rain gutter system, problems will ensue with water damage. The design and placement of the deck should divert the water away from the structure, and the foundation should not be exposed to excess amounts of water. Otherwise, damage can occur to the property’s structural supports, creating adverse effects to the concrete, steel corrosion, or the formation of cracks in the building. Then mold and mildew can develop below the property, which spread upward to the building, causing damage to the building and to those who inhale its vapors.

Contact Signal Restoration for immediate service on waterproofing deck replacement or repair.

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