Complete Detailed Inventory of Contents & Furniture

Complete Detailed Inventory
When conducting personal property inventory services, our team members conduct a detailed, room-by-room inventory of the belongings that contains accurate values for insurance purposes. We use cutting-edge digital technology to itemize and detail all of your property’s contents and store the resulting information in a client-specific database. Our clients are able to access these secure web-based platforms to track the progress of all restoration processes, affording them an extra layer of reassurance they need to know that the project is underway and being moved toward completion. Signal assigns clients a project manager that acts as a single point of contact to provide daily updates and project milestones.

Contents & Furniture Cleaning / Restoration

Contents & Furniture
Our restoration team members are experienced in returning the contents of your home to their pre-loss condition. Often items that appear severely damaged can be renovated with our sophisticated cleaning and restoration techniques. From restoring furniture to deep cleaning of electronics, appliances, and machinery, Signal has the ability to save virtually all of your property’s contents. We have a state-of-the-art facility where we restore your property using pressurized deodorizing chambers and state-of-the-art chemical cleaning processes. Our technicians are trained and certified in cleaning and removing harmful chemicals resulting from a disaster situation.

Total Loss Inventories Prepared

Total Loss
As a specialist in personal property inventory services, Signal goes above and beyond to assess your property damage and work with insurance providers to minimize your loss and save you money. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of every item and catalog these findings in order to provide all parties with the most accurate data possible.



Pack Out & Pack Back of Contents

Whenever items are removed from your home or office to make way for the renovation process, Signal takes the initiative to safely pack, store, remove and return your property to its previous location.

On-site Cleaning of Salvageable Contents & Furniture

On-site Cleaning
Some items that have been exposed to a disaster situation can be renovated on-site to reduce the amount of time and money required to fully restore your property. Signal Restoration identifies those items which can be kept on-site for recovery in order to expedite the restoration process.

Short & Long Term Storage for Contents

In the event that your home or office requires extensive work, Signal professionals can catalog, pack and relocate the contents of your home to a secure storage location. This allows the cleanup and restoration process to proceed quicker and more efficiently.

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