Emergency Board Up / Roof Wrap

Emergency Board-Up and Roof Wrap
In the aftermath of a property fire, quick response from a qualified provider of fire damage services is the highest priority. Any delays can cause further damages to the building and its contents, with very little to salvage.

The Signal Restoration Services team is ready to respond quickly and efficiently. While on-site, we will board up the walls, windows, doors, and other surfaces to prevent your property from suffering worse damage. It is important that trained, organized, and seasoned technicians can quickly arrive at your location to board up and/or roof wrap the building. By taking measures to safeguard your property to stay intact, more elements of your property can be salvaged. Important documents and precious memories can be gone within a matter of minutes. However, expert fire restoration technicians with the highest caliber of experience can swiftly overcome the effects of the soot and smoke that are still causing damage after the fire is out. Trust the Signal Restoration team to provide fire damage services of the highest quality.

Smoke and Soot Removal

Smoke and Soot Removal
Smoke and soot removal should be performed by fire restoration experts such as Signal Restoration Services. It is important that the soot and smoke are completely removed, because their lingering odor is toxic when inhaled on a regular basis. Smoke and soot particles are Products of Incomplete Combustion (PIC). These are carcinogens that are considered to be dangerous. They can start to degrade contents of a home or business within just a few days.

 In the end, there should not be any trace of smoke and soot. But only a professional team like Signal Restoration can safely, efficiently and thoroughly clean all surfaces. Prior to any fire damage services, you should contact your insurance company and document the extent of the damage.

Signal Restoration outperforms the competition by our relentless commitment to customer service. Our technicians are among the most highly trained in the industry. Signal utilizes advanced technical procedures to eliminate odor-causing chemicals. The pollutants can still be hidden within the crevices of your walls and surfaces, thereby needing specialized removal. We follow protocol when handling smoke and soot emergencies:

  • At first, we inspect your property and the extent of its damages.
  • A complete inventory of the loss and its contents is created
  • We gather your belongings that can later be salvaged and discard items that cannot.
  • We use state-of-the-art equipment to neutralize smoke odors and eliminate biological and chemical pollutants.
  • If the property has water damage due to a leaking pipe or broken pipes, we will extract the water and dehumidify the areas.
  • We start cleaning walls, ceilings, carpets and floors from the top down.
  • Industrial grade equipment such as thermal foggers, ozone generators, and hydroxyl generators will be used to neutralize the smoke odors and chemical pollutants.

Demolition and Disposal of Building Materials

Demolition and Disposal of Building Materials
After a fire, we recycle items that can be of use. By being environmentally conscious, we are aiming to help our community by reducing waste.

Demolition can be a devastating event. Watching sections of the whole structure become rubble on the ground speaks volumes about the shock and sense of loss. Signal uses selective demolitions techniques to minimize further damage and preserve the structural integrity.

Our reconstruction services are architecturally sound and result in structures that are an improvement from the building’s pre-loss condition. For over 40 years, Signal has performed building and reconstruction services as a trusted contractor. We manage every step of the reconstruction process, from initial site stabilization through completion.



Odor Removal

One of the key components of our fire damage services is odor removal. After a fire, the entire property can smell like ashes. Simply masking serious odors is not enough. We locate the source and completely remove the odor. If a building has soot odor, then this often means that fire damage contaminants are still present. To ensure the safety of occupants, our odor removal and deodorization services will assure that all smoke odors are eliminated.

During a fire, smoke can permeate throughout the walls, air ducts and other areas and may still be trapped. If not properly removed, smoke odors will recur during warm or damp weather. Our tools and technologies will comprehensively neutralize remaining smoke odors. For instance, our “thermal fogging” equipment will penetrate walls and surfaces to remove smoke odors.  Air ducts can be cleaned by chemical surfactants.

We will identify items that can or cannot be recovered. Our professional advice is invaluable to occupants’ health and safety. Floors, carpets, and other areas may be unrecoverable and can later develop mold or mildew. Our safety advice will protect the occupants from uncertainty about what may or may not need to be discarded to remove smoke odors long after the fire damage services have been completed.

Pressure Washing: Streets / Sidewalks / Buildings

A pressure washer is a high-pressure mechanical sprayer that will remove loose paint, mold, dust, dirt and other contaminants on the surfaces of buildings and concrete. Although pressure washers may look benign, they are actually dangerous tools that are extremely powerful and eject water at great velocities.

Concrete surfaces are porous enough to retain dust, soot and other unwanted particles. Dirty concrete both inside and outside structures can dull its beauty creating a lackluster appearance. By pressure washing streets, sidewalks and buildings, we can restore their bright appearance.

Our technicians are highly skilled and use only the latest techniques with eco-friendly cleaning agents while protecting your property from any damage. Our pressure washers are commercial grade equipment that can reach severely high temperatures. Pressure washing to remove fire damage should only be performed by trained and experienced professionals like Signal, who offer complete fire damage services to commercial and residential clients.

Signal also utilizes dry ice blasting in certain scnarios when power washing or hand washing may not be applicable.

Secure Property From Vandalism

An increasing and disturbing trend is vandalism to the property before or after the fire damage. You will need to contact your insurance company immediately and report the incident to the police. They will help gather evidence of the vandalism and help find the vandals. We will help you document the claim to your insurance company to receive a settlement that will provide for repairs to your property and replacement of loss items.

Our services also provide board-ups and roof wrapping to avoid intrusion into the remains of your property with items that can be salvaged. We can also provide graffiti removal and service for vandalism of plumbing, electrical wiring, windows, or other objects intact inside or outside the property. We will provide guidance during this time when you feel a sense of loss, and we will stay by you the entire time through reconstruction if needed.

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