Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning and Repair Services

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Carpets and furniture are some of the most exposed items within a property. Extremely susceptible to staining and wear, these basics in any property can be effectively destroyed in the event of a flood or fire. Unless proper measures are taken, flooring and furniture retain stains, blemishes, and odors from the event. Signal performs a detailed inspection, taking into consideration the circumstances of the event and the individual characteristics of each item to be restored. Our cleaning and repair services are the best in the industry.

Through the use of carefully designed chemical and hand cleaning processes, our technicians are capable of restoring salvageable carpeting and upholstery by eliminating odors and returning your property to its previous condition.

Our 24 hour emergency service is ready to provide carpet and upholstery cleaning due to mold and mildew, fire damage or water damage, which can require the replacement of your carpet and upholstery if left untreated.

Heating, A/C & Ventilation Cleaning & Sanitizing

Heating, Ventilation and AC Cleaning
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) helps maintain a comfortable environment and indoor air quality. In the cases of fire, HVAC can cause considerable damage, especially if the HVAC was left on during the fire. The air spreads contaminants to the pores of walls and throughout the building. It is imperative to have the HVAC system cleaned immediately after a fire or smoke damage.

Our certified Heating, A/C & Ventilation Cleaning & Sanitizing specialists will completely clean the system and areas where contaminants have spread, to prevent inhalation of toxic residues. We employ air scrubbing, air duct cleaning, mold and mildew removal methods and other sanitation systems that will provide safe and fresh air throughout the building.

We check for adequate ventilation with filtration and the HVAC’s air duct system. The heavy reliance on HVAC systems cause a buildup of dirt, dust, mold and harmful bacteria. If anyone in the home or property is experiencing constant allergy-type symptoms, sneezing or coughing, it’s highly recommended to get the air ducts checked.

In our HVAC cleaning and repair services, we use advanced tools to dislodge dirt, dust and debris, and high powered vacuums to remove the contaminants. Our certified technicians will check all other aspects of your air duct system so that the HVAC is completely sanitized. Our goal is to maintain thermal comfort by HVAC systems that are free of harmful pollutants and debris.

Cleaning Programs for All Types of Flooring

Specialized Tile
Whether it is carpet, tile, laminate, or hardwood floors, we have cleaning programs for all types of flooring and can restore it to its original condition, if not better.

For carpets, we apply a hot water system with cleansing agents that loosen and lift the dirt from the carpet. Our high pressure suction vacuum significantly decreases the drying time for the carpet to ensure a thorough and effective process. No more soapy residue, dirt, allergens, dust mites and other microbial contaminants that may be lodged and hidden deep inside the carpet.

When it comes to tile floors, grout collects dirt, grime and other bacteria that discolor flooring. Grout is a porous material that can seep deep within the grout lines. Our advanced technology dislodges the grime and other bacteria from the tile using a high pressure water and suction treatment, which safely and effectively removes these contaminants from the pores of the grout.

Our laminate flooring cleaning process washes the floor with our cleansing agent which cleans the laminate flooring while removing moisture at the same time. This assures a quick and effective cleaning process that brings back the luster of your laminate flooring.

Our hardwood flooring cleaning and restoration process prevents mold and mildew buildup by using equipment which washes the floor with our cleansing agent and dries the hardwood flooring at the same time. We can also apply a hardwood floor polishing/wax agent, which brings back the original luster and brilliance of the floor and further preserves its finish.

Our cleaning and repair services can be repeated not only during a disaster, but annually or before guests arrive, to truly show the shine of your hardwood flooring.



Specialized Tile / Stone Cleaning & Restoration

Stone Tile Cleaning Restoration
Many interiors have specialized tile or stone such as limestone flooring, marble, granite and pavers. Often times, the wrong type of cleaner or acidic liquids such as vinegar and orange juice or even the condensation of a glass of water, will leave etch marks that are difficult to remove unless treated promptly. We are detail-oriented to spot the smallest stains or inconsistency. We remove hard water deposits, soap scum, scratches, as well as other marks, and can apply polishing refinishers and color enhancers, to bring out the natural beauty of the stone. To protect the flooring from etch marks and stains, we will apply a sealer that makes the floor more impenetrable to grime and debris. Overall, maintenance is the key in preserving stone tiles.

Drapery, Blind & Window Covering Cleaning

Drapery Blind Cleaning
Draperies, blinds and other window coverings collect dirt, odors, dust, soil and other pollutants. These items complete the interior design of any interior, and we know how valuable they are to their owners. We handle the coverings with attentive care and clean them as required, bringing back fresh and bright draperies that look as though they were in their original conditions.

Draperies and coverings need to be handled with care. The wrong chemical agent can ruin the entire window coverings, resulting in costly replacements. Our cleaning specialists know how to apply the right solvent to draperies, and how to treat them best. Professional window covering cleaning will provide the best results. Signal Restoration technicians are available to clean your draperies when you need them.

Expert Area & Oriental Rug Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning
Nothing warms up a room more than a vibrant oriental rug or Persian rug to cover bare stone floors. Since rugs are heavily stepped on, there are many pollutants inside the rug, especially if it has not be cleaned in years. Our experts in cleaning and repair services will clean and restore  rugs to their natural condition through time-tested techniques that completely sterilize rugs from contaminants. We are able to remove all stains from spilled liquids and food, certain dyes, and other chemicals.

Our techniques to treat old or dirty rugs will preserve the rugs’ value, since we know the right method to apply to each type of rug. We are careful to thoroughly examine the condition of the rug, its weaving, dyes, and make, so that your rug does not come back damaged. Trust the leading restoration company to bring rugs back to life and to their original condition.

Re-Installation of Carpet

Re Installation of Carpet
Many times, replacing carpet can be a stretch on the budget. Instead, repairing and reinstalling the carpet may seem like a viable solution. Our team is trained in restoring carpet and reinstalling it properly, so that one may believe the carpet is actually brand new!

The wear and tear of the carpet can be evident by open or raveled seams, pulled yarns, discolorations, and other unsightly obvious signs that the carpet needs repair. Having a certified carpet repair specialist will ensure that the color and beauty of the carpet is restored.

If price is of concern, but the need to repair or restore the carpet is great, call Signal Restoration and we can provide an alternative carpet restoration service that is more affordable than replacement.

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