Hurricane Damage

Hurricane Michael left Mexico Beach in shambles. In fact, it was the worst hurricane recorded in the Florida panhandle sweeping across 11 counties and leaving damage across 80 miles.

The Paradise Shores in Mexico Beach needed a new roof, vapor barriers, decking, and some structural work. Working in a disaster zone of this magnitude is a logistical nightmare. Roads are not clear, there is no reliable power, housing for crew doesn’t exist, food and clean water are sparse, and sanitation is limited to portable toilets.

These challenges of implementing safe and efficient work practices have separated these roof jobs from the hundreds of millions of dollars in projects we have completed in the past.

The scope of the recovery work included:

  • 40% damage reported on the roof which was 33,402 sq ft with a zero pitch and two levels.
  • All insulation, tar and covering removed and replaced
  • All gaps and cracks filled with waterproofer
  • New vapor barriers and decking
  • Entire roof covered with 60 mil Sika Sarnafil PVC covering
  • Purchased over 65 camper trailers and leased enough land to set them all up for sustainable housing for the crew
  • Supplied a full-time chef to prepare 400 meals per day for the crew
  • Entire project took 2 months to complete
3 3 4 0 2
sq ft damaged roof
6 5
camper trailers for crew
4 0 0
meals per day for the crew
months to complete project

I don’t know what our School system would have done without the aid of Signal Restoration… The folks at Signal are quick to respond and very effective at what they do. Whether it’s initial damage control or remediation & preventative measure, these group of professionals bring their A game.

- Steven D. Burgess, Esq.,
Director, Ypsilanti Community Schools