Four floors of operating rooms (sixty three O.R.) had to be meticulously prepared for re-flooring with hospital grade flooring for sterile environments.  Signal worked to prepare all of the medical equipment and the rooms for the installation.  This required special lifts, higher skilled labor and special work sequencing.  The work had to be immediately performed due to the special flooring that was being replaced.

The scope of the recovery work included:

  • $135,000,000 in total work
  • Signal had more than 1,000 local skilled professionals working three shifts during projects
  • Completed HVAC, circuit platforms and elevator pits restoration
  • Fulfilled switch gears, server and document restoration and recovery
  • Performed mitigation, dehumidification, and mold remediation
  • Executed demolition, unsalvageable removal, infection control, auxiliary power and wiring
  • Installed new basement flooring, docks and masonry walls
  • Showcased unrivaled project management ability across 5 major hospital