SuperStorm Sandy delivered a crippling blow to one of the largest healthcare systems in the US when the East River storm surge and wind driven rain caused extensive flooding and environmental issues to five major hospitals in the nation’s largest city.

Signal was hired by the City of New York to complete the mitigation and restoration of 5 major hospitals, some of the largest hospitals in the US. Signal had more than 1,000 local skilled professionals working three shifts to expedite the recovery process.
Millions of gallons of dirty water entered each hospital’s facility and their clinical, administrative, and patient care areas were heavily damaged.  Extreme damage affected the lowers floors and basement where HVAC, circuit platforms, elevator pits, switch gear, IT servers and archives required restoration.  

Signal performed: mitigation, dehumidification, mold remediation, repaired elevators, hazardous waste management, content inventory, demolition, unsalvageable removal, infection control, auxiliary power and wiring, restore patient records and documents (including HIPPA), intensive cleaning, performed reconstruction on all affected floors, including new basement flooring, docks and masonry walls.

The extremely large number of workers, certified payrolls, phases of work, moving resources in/out, specialty trades, permitting, and patient constraints while the Hospital’s were in continuous operation required mastery in scheduling and project management. While the project and the logistics were a challenging, Signal completed the job in record time.